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At MAGNA we adapt ourselves to the needs and requirements of the investor or operator.
We offer an integral solution for investors, logistics, industrial and commercial operators looking for a new location for their business. Our contribution ranges from the design, construction and management of the real estate project up to the management and procedures of the real estate developer. All this under different contract modalities and adapting ourselves to the needs and requirements of the investor or operator.

Turnkey projects

Projects with a UNIQUE INTERLOCUTOR and a UNIQUE PERSON in charge of managing and supervising all phases of the project.
Architect shaking hands with a client
Architect shaking hands with a client
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Based on the needs of our customers we can offer a turnkey project contract at a closed price, so that a UNIQUE INTERLOCUTOR and a UNIQUE RESPONSIBLE will be in charge for managing and supervising all phases of the project, to ensure a satisfactory achievement from the beginning to the end.

Our services range from the study and preliminary project and the development of the global engineering, to the final construction of the projected property.

We also include the project and site management as well as the management of the legal procedures with the administration to facilitate the achievement of the constructive process.

In this way, we managed to optimize construction times and unify all the responsibility of the process in a unique interlocutor with the consequent benefits in terms of quality, prices and deadlines.


Implementation of works

If your project has been designed by an Architecture, Engineering or Project Manager studio, Magna carries out the execution of the project through three types of contracts.

1. Opened mediation contract: In this type of contract the work is implemented according to the information and guidelines provided by the Project Management team and the owner.

2. Fixed Price contract: Magna carries out a review of the customer’s final plan set, with the provision of standardized solutions and a significant improvement in the price and time, thus setting the final budget of the project.

3. Works in open books system: The customer has access to offers, contracts and certifications and assumes both the possible cost overruns and the savings that may occur.

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At MAGNA we offer preventive, corrective and regulatory maintenance services.

With the aim of offering the widest range of services to our customers, beyond those related to the building, we provide rehabilitation and maintenance services to correct, prevent and adapt to the current legal regulations to the possible incidents or changes that may present the building throughout its useful life.

We perform the maintenance services through a company of the Magna Group called SOLUTEC.

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Remodellings and Restorations

Another of the specific services of MAGNA is the implementation of remodellings and restorations of industrial units, offices and commercial premises.

We take part in all types of buildings, with great specialization in complex technical structural solutions, offering the ideal solution according to each property or customer.

Due to its high degree of specialization, we developed these type of works through the company of the Magna Group called SOLUTEC.

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